March 14, 2010

It was a very long, cold winter this year. But finally it's safe to plant the spring garden. This year I get to use the great planters my husband built last year. There will still be plants in pots of course.

Gerber daisies for color.

Seeded some basil.

Herbs: thyme, oregano, mint and cilantro.

Our Meyer lemon tree is bursting with buds and flowers!

I bought these from students from a jr. high charter school that has an "edible classroom" - a garden the children plant and maintain.

These are all new varieties for me: Garden Peach, Prue and Yellow Plum.

Bell peppers (bought transplants)
Pepper were in a four pack so the extra goes in a pot.

Hops. Very challenging to grow. My husband is a home brewer and this is his experiment.

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