April 18, 2009

Last weekend I fertilized everything so it's all been growing like mad.

A new addition to the container garden... my husband is trying to grow hops. He's a home brewer so he wants to use them in his beers.
Our poor lemon tree has been stripped by caterpillars. I never see them but you can see the damage.

My future cuc has tripled in size!

Look at all the flowers! If all goes well I should have a bumper crop.

Spinach looks much better after being fertilized. I finally have enough to harvest.
I was reading in Dan Gill's column today that container plants need to be fertilized every 2 weeks.

I harvested a bunch of lettuce last week and now there's more.

A shy little lizard

I didn't think you needed to stake patio tomatoes but my were listing. It might have been from the strong winds we had. It's been a very blustery spring.

Baby tomato.

April 3, 2009

Cilantro. I never know if it's going to live.
I used to try and grow it in the summer but I think just gets too hot. I think it likes the cooler weather.

Parsley's limping along.

Extreme tomato close-up!

Spinach isn't doing great. I think it's time to fertilize soon.

Cucumbers doing great.

Lettuce coming back.