March 28, 2009

Thursday night a very powerful thunderstorm came through. It was raining so hard and winds were high, I was very concerned about my tender plants. But they did fine. The lettuce got beaten up a little.

Cucumbers, doing good.

First bloom on this cuc - see the yellow flower?

The tomatoes have doubled in size I swear!

Close-ups; the oregano and basil are growing vigoriously.

Spinich is kind of scraggly. I haven't picked any yet.



Bibb lettuce - I harvested a bunch this week - enough for two salads. So much more flavor than store bought.

March 21, 2009

I decided to give up my plot in the community garden. I just couldn't find the time I needed to keep the garden up the past two years. Even though the garden is only half a block from my house, I still would have to lug my tools and what-not down the street. So this year I'm growing vegitables in pots.

Cherry tomatos. From transplant.

These stairs no longer lead any where, but they are great for holding plants.
Top step, next to Gnome - garlic chives, I've had the plant for years.
Next step down (l-r): Aloe Vera, basil (a new transplant), rosemary
Next: rosemary, parsley, thyme, oregano
The bottom two steps have various peppers. The marker wore off ages ago so I don't know what kind they are until they start producing again. Greg grew them from seeds a couple of years ago.
And a little Vera that came off the big plant.

(L-R) First three are burpless cucumbers I just bought. The fourth is another cucumber I bought a few weeks ago. I had more plants but they died. And another cherry tomato plant. All from transplants.

This is a Meyer lemon tree we've had for a number of years. It's been budding for the last few weeks and they all exploded open this weekend. It smells so good and the bees love it.

Parsley from seeds (Feb). My second attempt. And only half the seed sprouted the second time. Bad seeds? I think I'll try sowing a few more seeds on the left.

Cilatro from seeds (Feb).
This is the second time seeding these as well. I was not sure they were going to make it. The first thing to come up was tomatoes - we compost and tomato sprouts always pop up.

The wall next to our house where many of the plants live. There was a tree (see the stump lower right hand corner?) that got blown towards our house in Katrina, and then Gustav blew it so it wasa resting on our roof so Greg cut it down.

Bibb Lettuce from seeds (Jan 10). Time to start harvesting!

Spinach from Seeds (Jan 10).